Lincoln Township
Clare County, Michigan
175 Lake George Ave.
P.O. Box 239, Lake George, Mi 48633

The Township Board Meeting is the 2nd  Monday each Month, 7:00 pm

The Planning Committee Meets the 1st Tuesday (after the 2nd Mon.) each Month, 7:00 pm

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Latest posted Minutes: 12/12/17

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Latest approved Minutes: 4/12/17

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Lincoln Township Commission Members are Needed:
Planning Commission
Zoning Board Commission
Construction Board of Appeals
Board of Review
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Neighborhood Watch

Regular Meetings: 2nd Thursday of each month at 2:00 pm in the Lincoln Township Hall.
Please join us to discuss the needs of our community and how we can help prevent and reduce crime in the Township.
For information contact Jan Penton:

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Shingle Lake & Lake George
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Lincoln Township Description

Lincoln Township is located in the middle of Clare County in the region known as Central Michigan. Lincoln Township, as well as the rest of Clare County, is predominantly rural, known for its heavy forest, many lakes, and recreational opportunities. Because of these many assets, the region attracts thousands of tourist and seasonal residents throughout the year but particularly during the summer months for vacations.

Transportation access to Lincoln Township including U.S.127, U.S.10, M-61 and M-115, which are all located just outside the Township. The nearest major cities from Lincoln Township include Cadillac, Mt. Pleasant, and the Tri-Cities of Bay City, Midland and Saginaw, all within convenient driving distance.

The unincorporated community of Lake George, located on the shores of Lake George and Shingle Lake, is located in the Township and serves as the focal point for commerce and services, as well as being the Township seat.

Township / County Phone Numbers

Township Supervisor Dennis Zimmerman


Township Clerk- Carol Majewski


Township Treasurer- Maggie Carey


Towhship Trustee- Jerry Bridges


Township Trustee- Mike Tobin

989-588-9841 ext. 7

Zoning Admin.- Mary Abbott


Building Inspector: Werner Mantei


Assessor: Brian and Vicki Cushman
Cushman Appraisals, PO Box 239 Lake George, MI 48633

FAX (231) 734-6722

Fire Chief: Dale Majewski


American Waste:


County Clerk: Lori Martin

989-539 7161

Administrator: Tracy Byard


Treasurer: Jenny Beemer


District 1 Commissioner: Dale Majewski


District 2 Commissioner: Samantha Pitchford


Sheriff's Dept:

989-539 7166

Animal Control:

989-539 3211

Lake George Post Office:


Attention Walkers and Bikers!


Please observe laws when riding a bike or walking on the roads.
Watch a short You Tube Video on Bike Safety from MDot.

Pedestrians need to walk OPPOSITE motorized traffic.
Walk on the left side, facing oncoming motor vehicles.
This includes joggers, runners, and rollerbladers.

When riding a bicycle, you need to be riding WITH motorized traffic.
Ride on the same side of the road as motor vehicles.

Please do NOT ride a bicycle while listening to head phones.

Help Keep Our Township a Safe Place!


Natural Gas Storage Wells "Odorize"


In an effort to comply with State of Michigan concerns about Natural Gas safety protocols, Trans Canada will immediately begin installing "odorizer" equipment on natural gas storage wells in Lincoln and Freeman Township(s). Natural Gas is odorless, colorless, tasteless, and has no odor, except when intentionally odorized. For the purposes of safety, and in order to provide a "warning" of a possible leak, to persons in an area where Natural Gas Wells exist, a wick-based odorizer system will be installed that emits a harmless, non-toxic odor containing Sulphur, with a smell similar to rotten eggs. This odor will travel with the gas, and is intended to alert persons, nearby, of any gas leaks. If a gas leak is suspected, a person should call 911, with a location, and Clare County Central Dispatch will then notify Trans Canada. The Lincoln Township Fire Department as well as Clare County Emergency Management are also being notified of this project, which may take a few months to complete. There is NO emergency in this installation, rather it is a routine upgrade of safety protocols.


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